PBL 1: Intro to PBL & Best Practices

Intro to PBL & Best Practices, the core course in The Project Based Learning Master Teacher library, is a self-paced, stand-alone PD course that introduces teachers to the principles, practices and instructional benefits of Project Based Learning (PBL).  Suitable for beginners or advanced practitioners, the course covers the basics of PBL and best practices for classroom teachers focused on high quality, world class project work.  With its emphasis on using PBL to teach problem, critical thinking, collaboration, inquiry, and core academic, the course aligns well with Common Core standards, IB Curriculum and country-specific standards for 21st Century Students.


PBL 2: Build Your PBL Skill Set

Teaching through PBL requires a much different skill set than traditional front of the room teaching. Build Your PBL Skill Set  addresses this vital need by helping teachers master nine core strengths critical to engaging students in deeper learning, problem solving, teamwork, and innovation. Participants in the course learn how to personalize the classroom, use the deeper learning model, and incorporate design thinking into projects, as well as use reflection and a collaborative conversation with colleagues to assess their strengths and challenges.


PBL 3: The PBL Master: Nine Keys to More Powerful Projects (coming May 2017)

The PBL Master: Nine Keys to More Powerful Projects shows PBL teachers how to create challenging projects that help students master the 4 C’s – Collaboration; Communication; Critical Thinking; and Creativity – as well as global mindset, STEM, and workplace skills. The course addresses key issues in effective skills teaching, including coaching methods, standards, use of rubrics, and ideas for developing school-wide and grade level collaboration on skills development.


PBL 4: Ultimate PBL: Design Social Emotional Growth into Your Projects (coming July 2017)

The ultimate power of PBL lies in the opportunity to help students discover, use, and reflect upon their personal strengths. Ultimate PBL prepares PBL teachers for this role by helping them become effective mentors, showing them a variety of approaches to SEL, and offering guidelines for designing projects that lead to the growth mindset and character development in students. As with other courses in The Project Based Learning Master Teacher library, participants use reflection and a collaborative conversation with colleagues to assess their strengths and challenges, culminating in an e-portfolio that helps track shifts in skills and mindset necessary to become a highly-skilled PBL teacher.