Educating 1.3 billion youth across the globe for success in life and work in the new world of the 21st century requires teachers and leaders capable of integrating project based learning, innovation and collaboration, social-emotional strengths, and inquiry-based education into a deeper learning model that engages, informs, challenges, and inspires today’s students. Reaching that audience through the most powerful online social learning courses available, with content shaped by 20+ years’ experience in training and school redesign, represents the core mission at PBL Global.

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PBL Global’s Online Courses are designed to fully prepare educators for 21st Century instruction and inquiry-based classrooms. Enroll in one course @ $99 USD per seat. Enroll in the entire library of courses for $149 per seat! Want all teachers enrolled? $1500 for up to 50 teachers per school!

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PBL Global’s approach to educational transformation includes sharing a powerful, field-tested model of project based learning (PBL) that invites inquiry, innovation, creativity, and intellectual depth. This model aligns with a systematic redesign of schools and learning environments by integrating PBL with a high performance culture, whole child principles, teacher discovery and empowerment, teaching and assessment of 21st century skills, an inquiry-based curriculum, design thinking, and use of digital resources for teacher and student collaboration. Sign up your school or district for the most powerful Online Courses in inquiry and PBL available anywhere. Schedule a creative professional learning experience with Onsite Coaching. Or use Virtual Coaching to advise and train teachers anywhere in the world! ...

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Use Thom Markham and his team to bring in depth knowledge of PBL and inquiry to your school, district, or network. Combine with virtual support and online courses to design a strategic professional learning plan. Our approach is to work with you to offer a personalized, customized training approach to PBL and inquiry that fits the culture and needs of your school and teachers. There is nothing ‘cookie-cutter’ about our workshops; we focus on working collegially to help educators develop the skillset, mindset, and belief system required to be an effective 21st century teacher ...

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    How does Project Based Learning differ from 'projects?' How do you engage today's students in relevant, authentic learning tasks? How do you turn group work into effective teamwork? How do you teach and assess 21st century skills? How do you design critical inquiry and problem solving into the heart of your projects? How do you design innovative projects that help students take on community issues and global concerns?
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A blog dedicated to rethinking education and redefining smart in a global world.

Why a 21st Century Teacher Isn’t Just a ‘Guide on the Side’

The great fiction that a teacher today has become a ‘guide on the side’ is now hardwired into nearly every conversation about the future of teaching and learning. Teachers don’t deliver information any longer; they act as co-constructivists and facilitators, sitting shoulder to shoulder with students. Why raise objections to this new narrative? First, it’s … Continue reading Why a 21st Century Teacher Isn’t Just a ‘Guide on the Side’

21 September

Reinventing PBL to Focus on Human Performance

Watching fourth graders working in a team on a creative PBL science project (Their problem to solve: Educate parents and community about how common devices like TV’s and phones rely on wave technology.) reminded me that great project based learning aims to produce brightness. That’s a non-evidence-based term unrelated to the repetitive mantra of more … Continue reading Reinventing PBL to Focus on Human Performance

27 July

Why Teachers Need to Become Radicals

I’ll start with two stories that tell us what we need to know about the future of education. First, Greta Thunberg, climate activist, potential Nobel Peace Prize recipient, and 16-year-old Swedish student, went viral with these words: “What am I going to learn in school? Facts don’t matter anymore, politicians aren’t listening to the scientists, … Continue reading Why Teachers Need to Become Radicals

08 April

From PBL to PBD: Next Steps for Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning (PBL) has reached escape velocity. The small movement that began in the U.S. twenty years ago is rapidly becoming the teaching method of choice (and the hot topic of discussion) in virtually every country. There is a simple reason for the ascendance: In an information-driven world that values an individual’s ability to … Continue reading From PBL to PBD: Next Steps for Project Based Learning

10 March
PBL Tools

With PBL Tools, you will find all the essential tools for designing, managing, and assessing your projects. The folders include Project Planning Forms, tips on creating Driving Questions, rubrics for 21st century skills assessment, and methods for creating high performing student teams.

Feel free to download, use, and share these tools with your colleagues. Also, check back occasionally, as I do update the folders with new materials that you may find useful.

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  • Excellent workshop – both hands and heads-on! Teachers left with a work plan to use PBL strategies the very next day in their classrooms. Thom has an amazing ability to read his audience and tailor
    Director, e-Learning & Strategic Initiatives
    New Brunswick Department of Education
    New Brunswick, Canada
  • Olds High School has had a four year working relationship with Thom Markham as we have made the transition to a flexible learning community and new campus. Thom is one of the most skilled facilitators
    Olds High School
    Olds, Alberta, Canada
  • Dr. Markham has been instrumental in helping our STEM Academy prepare students for achieving our district’s vision. A major part of our success has been the teacher coaching provided by Dr. Markham.
    Director, Career and Technical Education
    Northwest ISD
    Fort Worth, TX
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