Thanks for checking out PBL Global’s current projects. Here’s what’s underway at the moment…

Fairfax County Public Schools. 1000 teachers enrolled in PBL Global online courses. Instructional coach training. Focus on Physics and Math HS teachers.

iLEAD Schools. Comprehensive training effort for charter network of four schools with 180 teachers. Blended training with online course and face to face workshops.

Penrose Elementary School. District 11, Colorado Springs, CO. Completing two year program in June, 2017, to develop school-wide PBL.

Environmental Charter School of Pittsburgh. 80 teachers enrolled in online PBL backed by coaching for instructional staff, remote coaching for teacher teams, and kickoff for entire staff.

Tice Creek Middle School. Walnut Creek City Schools, CA. Two effort underway to develop school-wide PBL in K-8 magnet STEM environment.

Environmental and Global Leadership Academy. Wausau Public Schools, WI. Develop and improve personalized PBL for academy students focused on STEM and science.

Saco Middle School, Saco, ME. Online courses for 40 middle school staff.

Oak Grove School District. San Jose, CA. Comprehensive year long program to develop PBL capability for K – 5 teachers.

21st Century Preparatory School. Racine, WI. Online courses for 30 K – 8 staff.

Coming up in 2017 – 2018…

El Centro Community College. Dallas County Community College District. PBL workshops for 35 science instructors in STEM Center focused on career preparation for community college students.

Department of Pedagogical Transformation of Tecnologico de Monterrey. Three day workshop for 35 University instructors in incorporating empathy and SEL skills into PBL.

Dubbo School of Distance Education. NSW, AU.  PBL training for 80 staff and surrounding schools in western NSW.

Tafe Western, NSW, AU. Conference on Teacher Quality. April 27, 2017.