Online Course Testimonials

Moving through the modules was logical and the allocation of points for both tasks and interacting with the site resources was great. It was very useful to structure our learning around the course and great to test it out with our Team Leaders first.
– Felicity, Teacher
I found the PBL Online course to be very useful and easy to use. I like the way that the site was intuitive and easy to navigate. The short videos caught my attention without boring me and the additional resources added to my learning. I like the way that users are able to see and comment on the feedback of others - and the race to the high score. I would definitely recommend this course to someone else.
– Dorenda, HS Teacher

Leadership Coaching Testimonials

Excellent workshop – both hands and heads-on! Teachers left with a work plan to use PBL strategies the very next day in their classrooms. Thom has an amazing ability to read his audience and tailor his presentations to meet their needs and level of understanding. Informative and transformative!
– Director, e-Learning & Strategic Initiatives
New Brunswick Department of Education
New Brunswick, Canada
Olds High School has had a four year working relationship with Thom Markham as we have made the transition to a flexible learning community and new campus. Thom is one of the most skilled facilitators and educators I have had the privilege of working with. His ability to ask the right questions, empathy for all of those with whom he is working, and thoughtfulness has changed the culture of our school and staff. He is the consummate professional and has the ability to bring ideas of staff into reality.
– Principal
Olds High School
Olds, Alberta, Canada
Dr. Markham has been instrumental in helping our STEM Academy prepare students for achieving our district’s vision. A major part of our success has been the teacher coaching provided by Dr. Markham. He has helped our teachers understand the value of project-based-learning and 21st Century teaching skills.
– Director, Career and Technical Education
Northwest ISD
Fort Worth, TX