Dynamic Coaching and Workshop Experiences!
Bring a customized, collegial workshop to your school

Use Thom Markham and his team to bring in depth knowledge of PBL and inquiry to your school, district, or network. One day workshops to extended coaching and leadership development. Combine with virtual support and online courses to design a strategic professional learning plan.

Our approach is to work with you to offer a personalized, customized training approach to PBL and inquiry that fits the culture and needs of your school and teachers. There is nothing ‘cookie-cutter’ about our workshops; we focus on working collegially to help educators develop the skillset, mindset, and belief system required to be an effective 21st century teacher and leader. We’re also at the cutting edge of transformative teaching and learning practices by helping teachers take on the four roles of the 21st Century educator:

  • The Teacher Role: How do you actively encourage your students to be curious, innovative, problem solvers? How do you set up an ecosystem in your classroom that provides the right learning conditions for helping students become self-directed learners who can apply their knowledge in uncertain environments?
  • The Coach’s Role: How do you become as skilled at teaching and assessing 21st century skills as you are at teaching and assessing traditional content? This is a core challenge for 21st century teachers, who must now coach students as they master collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking skills.
  • The Mentor Role: In traditional education, students ‘received’ an education that was ‘delivered’ to them. Now students need to become active learners who can bring their personal strengths and resources to help them be resilient, flexible, and capable problem solvers. As a mentor, your responsibility is to facilitate the growth of these traits.
  • The Designer Role: Education is shifting to learner ‘experiences’ in place of traditional coverage. Making these experiences ‘rigorous’ is the job of the teacher as designer, whether using project based learning, design thinking, or maker spaces. The goal is to frame the experience in a way that drives deeper learning, assesses skills as well as content, sets high expectations, and encourages innovation and creativity.

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