Expert Tools for Innovation and Inquiry for K-12 Educators


How does Project Based Learning differ from ‘projects?’ How do you engage today’s students in relevant, authentic learning tasks? How do you turn group work into effective teamwork? How do you teach and assess 21st century skills? How do you design critical inquiry and problem solving into the heart of your projects? How do you design innovative projects that help students take on community issues and global concerns? The Project Based Design and Coaching Guide offers novice and expert PBL practitioners practical solutions and a set of comprehensive, state of the art methods for crafting high-quality projects that will make your students future-ready.

Publisher: Heart IQ Press (2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 978-1-61623-361-7

What Teachers Say About the Project Based Learning Design and Coaching Guide:

Thom Markham has delivered an excellent text for educators interested in project based learning. Well-known for his classic PBL Handbook (BIE), his new volume continues with excellent advice for those learning about PBL and those who are experienced. Buy both of his books if you are new to PBL. If you have been teaching using PBL for a while, be sure to buy his new book.