Unleashing Inquiry-Based Learning

In this presentation, Thom Markham describes the ten essential principles that can help young people discover their entrepreneurial spirit, motivation, personal learning styles, and strengths and challenges. Using the ten principles, Thom describes how ten new principles can help personalize learning and foster strong bonds between mentors and students.

21st Century Skills and World-Class PBL

An integrated model of 21st century learning Learn the world class best practices and the core tools necessary for teachers to design inquiry-based instruction that teaches content, skills, and habits of mind.

Inquiry Based Learning

Integrating Heart and Brain in Education

In this presentation, Thom Markham shows how the heart and brain can be integrated to develop student potential, release and support creativity, and improve problem solving and critical analysis.

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Calendar of Events
Event Held Date Event Name Event Programme Event Venue
April 9 – 11, 2013 International Conference on Self-Directed Learning Keynote Speech North-West University, Potschesfroom, South Africa
July 10, 2013 District Leadership Retreat Keynote Speech Roanoke County Schools, Roanoke, VA
April 11, 2014 Leadership in Education Conference Keynote Speech Istanbul, Turkey
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