What is Virtual Coaching?

Virtual Coaching makes it possible for you or your team to receive affordable, just-in-time training, coaching assistance, feedback, and targeted help on project based learning. It’s personalized, easy, and effective.

Virtual Coaching is not a webinar; it’s an in depth conversation about your projects, design challenges, implementation issues around project based learning, 21st century competencies, and inquiry-based systems. The session is tailored to your needs.

How Does Virtual Coaching Work?

Sessions last from 45 – 60 minutes. We will use Skype, Go to Meetings, or Google Hangout, depending on the size of the group and the technology available to you. You’ll need a computer (or iPad), decent bandwidth, and a good connection—that’s all.

Sessions may be scheduled for individuals or teams. Generally, I prefer to talk with groups of no more than 5 – 7, to make sure that there is time for everyone to receive adequate feedback and coaching.

Virtual Coaching

What is the Fee?

Each 1:1 session is $150. For teams of 2 – 7, sessions are $250.
The exception is a five-session, planned course on Project Based learning that details the basics of PBL:
(1) Planning a Project;
(2) Managing a Project;
(3) Developing a PBL-Friendly Culture;
(4) Teams: and Sustaining PBL. Delivered through Go To Meetings, the fee for this series is $100 per participant. A minimum of five participants is required.

Can International Sessions Be Scheduled?

Yes. I’ll work as much as possible with your time zones and requirements.

How Do I Schedule a Coaching Session?

Contact me at thom@pblglobal.com. Include your time zone and general availability and I’ll send you a few possible days and times.

How Do I Pay for a Session?

When you sign up, I will take your contact information. After the session, I will send you an invoice through PayPal, which may be paid through a credit card or Bill Me Later. If you require a purchase order, I can also help with that.


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